March 23, 2009

Day at Taboga Island

Today I decided to go to Taboga Island, a small island at 20 kilometres offshore from Panama City. As it was Sunday the ferry was full of families going to the beach for the day.
First settled by the Spanish in 1515, the island has only one road and no traffic.

I decided first that I needed a bit of exercise, i decided to hike to Cerro de la Cruz hill. It was so hot that I thought I was going to faint... but I'm strong and got to the top where I had a beautiful view on the Island. I enjoyed the silence of the place and the beautiful view, until some others tourists arrived. So I decided to go back to town and find a quiet spot close to the water.

I thought I found the perfect spot... until some jetski came to make some noise... but I had a new friend, a small dog who decided to follow me. At least animals love me!

Back at the hostel, all red by the sun, for an other quiet evening. I haven't been out at night since I have been in Panama but I'm not looking to. Am I getting older? I guess I just want to enjoy the day. the day is for the ones who wake up early, don't we say??

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