August 25, 2010

Stay in a beautiful Hotel Boutique in Antigua Guatemala

A concept designed for people with special tastes, more hotels are opening in Antigua Guatemala, all unique and incomparable in beauty and elegance.

Antigua Guatemala, a city of peace and nostalgia, has kept its cobbled streets and colonial style houses with clay tile roofs and elegant balconies. Its temples and monasteries remind you the place has a long history. The city was declared Patrimony of Humanity in 1979 by UNESCO. The whole atmosphere is an essential component for this type of accommodation, the so-called boutique hotels, a style that tends to increase.

The architectural designs of the Hotels Boutique were done in a beautiful way, complemented with unique decorations and attention to the smallest detail. Nothing was done randomly. A table, lamp, pillow or the flowers have been selected with care, always seeking to be unique. This, together with the personalized attention, makes you feel better than at home.

Francisco Sandoval, owner of one of the Boutique Hotel says that the concept, which comes from Europe, is a hotel that is not big or standard. No room is equal to the other regarding the type of bed, furniture or color, and these particularities make the distinction and difference. "They target a type of person who appreciates the culture and Antigua is perfect for that by having a lot of history," he adds.

The number of these hotels is increasing, either in new buildings that conserve Antiguan architecture, remodeling or restorations. When remodeling, walls or elements of the place should be respected, something common in town. The conservation guidelines are written in the Protection Law of 1969, which stresses that if you want to build second floors, a new construction or redesign a building, you must have prior permission from the municipality and the Council protector. Over the years the standard has not always been respected.

Good taste in every room
These small hotels have adapted the old houses or buildings with modern but colonial architectural designs, very typical in Antigua. Eclectic style prevails, but with colonial Guatemalan traditional decor, like knitted rugs, quilts and crafts.

Posada del Angel , a sober and elegant hotel, welcoming guests from all over the world since the early 1990s, became famous when Bill Clinton, then president of the States United, stayed in March 1999.
This hotel was built by his owner Mary Sue Morris, an American who arrived in the country in the 1980s, fell in love with Antigua and decided that this house would be to show the beauty of the handicrafts and antiques of Guatemala. She imagined a small and cozy place, decorated with art of Guatemala, such as furniture, antiques and textiles. The house is bright and has enough space for everyone. The house makes the details; otherwise it would be one more building.  The benches and tables in the living room, dining room and bedrooms are from Chichicastenango. They come from private collections of different families. Beams, columns and stone bases are from Panajachel.

Some old doors are located in the green and blue rooms, laundry and library. The chandeliers in the living room are from Istanbul, the painting of the Virgin is from Peru, the tables to play cards are French. The lamps of the corridor and some bedrooms are from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The rugs are from Turkey. But among all these objects, Guatemalan crafts are predominant. Before placing an item in the house, Morris made sure it had a historical value and was very original, for example, fabrics used in the green room are textiles with unique shapes and colors. The bathroom has a special design with two steps that communicate with the shower and two pillars that enhance the decor.

Exclusive attention
Special attention to the guest is what motivated Vayssier Carolina to open the doors of Posada de Los Leones. The mystical and magical atmosphere of Antigua is favorable for the hotel.
The architecture of the Posada de Los Leones has a Moorish influence with a lot of light. The decoration is made of Guatemalan textile and antique forge.

The four bedrooms and two master suites have their own style, each with a fireplace, a Moroccan style bathroom and French windows that connect to their own terraces and garden.
One of the most special environments is in the living room where you can watch the garden and fountain in the rustic armchairs. At night it is illuminated by candles, which makes it even more enjoyable. Even the kitchen has a peculiar touch, where the guests can watch the food preparation and even make their meal themselves.

Mix of contemporary and past
Meson Panza Verde   is one of them. Built in the 1970s, it has an old colonial style with an eclectic decor, a mix of contemporary and past. It's one of the first hotels with these features. Recently, the owner bought land to expand the facilities, building a master suite, garden and parking. But without losing uniqueness of the house, with domes and terraces, and different touches, such as paintings, lamps and furniture.

There are twelve bedrooms, three doubles and nine suites, corridors, several rooms and the restaurant. Among some of the details that make it special, the cozy and elegant lamps are from India, the soaps are handmade especially for Panza Verde. Even the roses that adorn the vases in the interior and exterior spaces are planted only for the inn. In addition, there are two galleries because the owners are art lovers. There is a permanent exhibition and another one changing, which combines domestic and foreign contemporary artists.

Old Beauties
One of the most recent Hotel Boutique to open its doors is Casa Santa Rosa, a residential estate of one hundred years ago. During the reconstruction they were careful not to lose that touch that makes it special with its neoclassical style. Thus, some mosaics, hands sink and showers are still original. Spacious and comfortable, each room has a living room and fireplace. Like any boutique hotel, each room has its own style, thanks to the decoration. The bedcovers are made of Spanish fabric and 250-thread count Egyptian linens. A large garden extends throughout the house, where the colors of flowers depend on the season.

These hotels Boutique encourage visitors to spend a pleasant stay in one of the world's most beautiful cities, Antigua Guatemala.

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These are lovely selections that you're featuring.
I have had the personal experience of staying in Posada del Ángel, and it is quite exquisite. Although this is a small hotel, it also harbors a small collection of renowned Guatemalan artists which, for me personally, an added value; you not only appreciate colonial architecture, but also a taste of local artists.

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OH my goodnesss, I am so glad I found this! I love Antigua, my family and I always go after we visit Puerto San Jose. I am so excited to go next time, thanks you so muchh for this post!

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