November 20, 2010

Antigua Getaway: Spend a weekend in a mountain lodge

In the mountains above Antigua, twenty minutes from the city, Earth Lodge is the perfect getaway for a weekend. Own by a very friendly American Canadian couple and their dogs, this small eco mountain lodge and avocado farm has a breathtaking view on the Panchoy valley and the Volcano Acatenango. Come to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while listening to the birds singing and watching the eruptions of the Volcano Fuego.

They offer accommodation in a tent or a dorm for the most adventurous. Or you can stay in one of their cabin or the tree house nestled in the branches of an oak tree. Every night they are serving a delicious home cooked vegetarian dinners. You will love their world famous moussaka, veggie burgers, beer bread and desserts.

Saturday night is BBQ night and they often organize a music night on Sunday. As for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the American bank holidays, you’ll sure to have a great diner following by games, fire and marshmallows.
As for activities, you can go for a hike in the surrounding mountains, take some private Spanish lessons, spend some time in the Mayan sauna, play games or just relax and read in a hammock!

You can come to volunteer too at El Hato School that Drew and Briana has been sponsoring for the last 3 years.

To get there, there are different options. You can call a day before to arrange for their driver to pick you up in Antigua for 50 Quetzals (6$). Or take a Chicken Bus to El Hato for 4 Quetzals (0.50$) but the schedule is erratic and it only goes to the main plaza (20 minutes walk from the hotel)

The third option, the one I prefer and have done a few times, is to walk from Antigua. First you have to go to Cerro de la Cruz. The walk starts at the end of 1 Avenida Norte. Keep walking north until you get to the steps entering the forest. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the cross.  From there, you can hike up to the village of El Hato where the eco-hostel Earth Lodge is. It will take another hour with no particular difficulties. From the cross, walk uphill to the main paved street and turn left. Keep walking until you get to the village, while enjoying the view on the volcanoes and Jocotenango. Once you get to El Hato, take the muddy road until you get to the pila (water tank). You will see the sign for the Earth Lodge.

For more information on Earth Lodge, check their website
View on the Valley of Antigua

Earth Lodge

A stunning view!  

Caban in the trees

Volcano of Fuego in action

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Lucy Brown said...

It really is beautiful up there at Earth Lodge and the food is yummy but it's going to be cold this time of year. Take lots of warm clothes Claire!