June 18, 2009

Last news from my Guatemalan life

For the ones that haven't followed my life in Guatemala, here are some updates.

Work... I have been working for the Community Nueva Alianza since last February as an Eco-Tour coordinator. I'm organizing weekend to the finca for Spanish students and travelers. But in May, tourism was very slow and I didn't get any trip for 6 weeks. So we decided to offer 1 day and 2 day trip during the week too to try to get more people. We'll see during the Summer if that works. As I can't live only from the money I'm doing with the job, I'm teaching French and work with friends who have travel agencies as a driver.

Day life... At the begining of May I found an apartment and moved in quickly. It's a 2 bedroom apartment close to the Parque Centrale, with parking and very quiet. I have been living on my own since then but this Sunday 22nd June are moving two friends. So back to sharing but It's a good help to pay rent and all. Oh and I bought a car! My first in Guatemala ;) It's an old trooper (4x4) and I love it. The last 2 weekend, I drove on the Guatemalan back roads and this car is perfect. It can go anywhere! I won't say that driving is less dangerous than taking a Chicken Bus but it gives you freedom. yeahhhh! Just need to get used to the crazy drivers ;)

Travel... well as you all know me, i can't just stay home. In May as work was slow, I went birdwatching with Mynor and its nephews at El Corazon Del Bosque in Solola then at the Finca Patrocinio close to Nueva Alianza. I discovered Birdwatching recently and I like it. Don't ask me the names of the birds but I love watching them with binoculars. It's more fun than what I have thought!

Futur Plans... I'll stay in Xela for the Summer, hopefully will get more trips to the Finca. My futur travels are... to the French Island Guadeloupe in October for 2 weeks to visit my younger sister. She'll be doing an internship there for 2 months ans my brother will join me.
And at the end of the year, the plan is to go to Argentina with my 3 friends who came to visit me in December. After Guatemala Express, Argentina Express! will be fun!!!

Finca Patrocinio

some beautiful flowers

a Yellow-Winged Tanager

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Solveig said...

Thank you very muck! My name is Solveig Ligne and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I know Sandra Johansson and I red her blog SandyinColumbia. Thank you bery muck! So interessting! In Sweden we no - I am sorry to say _ nothin! about South America. Excuse all my bad spelling. It depends on my low computer knowledge.
In Sweden it is cold now, Snowing in the north and here (close to the capital Stockhol) it is under zero during the nights.
Solveig Ligne