September 1, 2009

The summer is gone

Yes Summer is almost gone and for most of you that means going back to school, to work and say goodbye to the beach, the sun and the holidays. In Guatemala, we had an amazing unusual beautiful weather in July and August. No much rain and a LOT of sun! But that didn't make the tourists come to visit us. A bad year for tourism due to the world crisis and the flue. Now rain is back and for real, so we're getting ready for 2 very wet months.

1. Work
In August, I did a 5 day writing boot camp in Antigua for ViVa Travel, a travel guides company based in Ecuador. They teached us how to write reviews for hotel, restaurant or activity. It was an intensive camp but I learnt a lot and met great people. Since I'm back to Xela, I have been writing for them and I'm already at my second assignment. I didn't know writing would take so much time and take so much energy, but I'm enjoying it. Yeah I'm starting my "career" as a travel freelance writer. After all I'm loving writing and traveling. I had already 3 of my articles published in Xelawho, the Xela local magazine for tourists. Ok It's not too hard but it's a begining...
I'm still working for the Comunidad Nueva Alianza but only until October. I want to do something else. It was fun for a while but now I want to concentrate on my plans.

2. Travel
I haven't traveled much since last May, so now it's time! I went for a weekend in Coban to do some rafting, which was fun! In two weeks, I'm going to Peten for a 4 Day trip to camp and explore some new places. Then I'll stay for a few more days to write for ViVa (a good way to pay my trip).
In October, I'm going to Guadeloupe (French Island in the Carribean Sea) for 2 weeks to meet my sister Elise and my brother. Elise is doing a practise there for 1 month and half. And my brother is coming along so we can spend some time together. I can't wait to see them after a year.
In January 2010, Argentina here I come! I'll be over for a month. Spending the first 2 weeks with 3 French friends then I'm planing to go hiking in Patagonia. A dream comes true :)
And between, I'll probably travel around Guatemala...

3. Future plans
I was supposed to start my application to get my 2 year visa a while ago but I didn't. I was just not sure how long I'll be here. But now I'm motivated to around hopefully for another 2 or 3 years. I have the plan to open a French creperie but we'll see. It's Guatemalan, everything takes time! I'm hoping to open it by the end of the year.

4. Day to day life
Since June, I have 2 flatmates. Rebecca from the States and Darcy from New Zealand. I have known them for 2 years and used to work with Rebecca at the Black Cat. Sharing with them is going really well and I'm going to miss them when they leave in December :(
I had a lot of problems with my car, had to get it repaired already twice. Yeah when you buy an old car you should be ready to spend more than earn... but I love my car!

More news soon... keep in touch!


Melissa Kojima said...

Bon chance, Claire! J'espere que tout vas bien!

orin salah said...


Good to hear an update from you in Guatemala. Sounds like our life is full of new adventures and experiences, as always!

I hope that all will continue to go well, best of luck with you writing and all of your travel plans. I'm sure you will have plenty to write about!!!