November 26, 2009

Santa Anita, a finca owned by ex-guerillas

The finca Santa Anita, about 2 hours from Quetzaltenango, is a coffee farm bought by ex-guerilla fighters more than 10 years again. There are some interesting politic and non politics murals:

Welcome to Santa Anita
Together we'll build a  real democracy with the heart on the left
URNG: Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unit
For more information on URNG, click here

We live to fight, We live to succeed

Rodrigo Asturias was born in Guatemala City in 1939, the first-born son of Nobel Prize-winning author Miguel Ángel Asturias. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the Guatemalan Workers Party ( PGT) guerrilla group. During this time he was arrested, tried, and jailed, after which he spent seven years in exile in Mexico. He returned to Guatemala in 1971 and helped form the Revolutionary Organization of the People in Arms (ORPA). He fought under the nom de guerre Gaspar Ilom, which he took from a character in Hombres de maíz, one of his father's novels. When four guerrilla groups, including these two, combined to create the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) in 1982, Asturias emerged as one of the four leaders of its general command. He was the only one of the leaders not to participate in signing the peace agreement reached with the government in the early 1990s. He died in 2005.

a poem written by a friend when he was a refugee in the States after fighting in Guatemala

Green children from the mountains
It has been almost a decade of fresh memories like the morning perfume
the laughts of the mayas are today in my nostalic eardrums
and smiles, quetzales, volcanoes, coffee plantation
stroke your day and remind me that
our town will better die with wild courage than beeing a slave!

The hotel
They painted their history for the 10 year anniversary of the community

during the civil war the army came to destroy their homes

They have to flee to Mexico

After the peace accord they came back to get reunited with their families and gave away their guns

they bought the land and are happy and collect coffee

the peace and the mayan cross

building bridges between the cultures
on the right it's America with hands of all the youths who participated coming from different countries

In memory of a young girl who died at 19
she was involved in the ecotourism project

For more information on Santa Anita, click here

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