January 17, 2010

Xela to Buenos Aires, travel to hell

After planning for a few months my trip to Argentina, the day finally arrived! Booking my flight to Buenos Aires, I came with different options and I decided to pay the cheapest price even if for the longest trip. But then I’ll have more money in the country to spend (logic isn’t it?). It was the first time I was booking via lastminutes.com and it’ll be the last!

Anyway, here I was, at Guatemala City airport waiting for my flight to… Miami with American Airline. My flight was delayed for an hour and as I had 2h20 minutes to change in Miami Airport I started being really stressed. Knowing Miami, I knew I could easily miss my connection. The problems were: 1) I had to go via customs (about 1 hour) and 2) As I was flying with Tam to Brazil and the two companies are not working together I had to do the check in.

Arriving to Miami, I knew I had only one option: runnnn!!! So I run to the customs and arrived to get through in half an hour (my record!). But then I had to wait for my bag and off course it was one of the last to be out… after dropping my bags to the connecting area, I checked where I was supposed to go for check-in and off course… it was at the other side of the airport. So I run again… arriving at the check-in, first they didn’t want to check me in. But explaining my situation, they finally accepted but told me to run as the gate was going to close soon. I passed through security, and off course they decided to do me a X-ray and body search (grrrrr!!!).  And then I just got my bad in one hand, my computer in the other with my shoes and run in socks! Have you ever run in the airport in socks? Well I did and I can tell you people thought I was crazy.

Anyway I arrived at the gate sweating but just on time to get into the plane before they closed it.
The rest of the trip was… quiet compared to the beginning… I changed in Sao Paulo without problems to finally arrive at Buenos Aires. Arriving, I thought all my problems will be gone but no! My bags wasn’t on the plane (off course!) and I couldn’t found Irene at the airport. So I took a taxi to the apartment and met Stephanie. My bag arrived the day after just before we were living for Iguazu (oufff!). Welcome to Argentina!!! 


v said...

What a nightmare! I worry a lot about missing flights. Often I can't sleep the night before because I'm so worried about missing my flight.

Anonymous said...

I had a great experience in Argentina!
People were really nice, the Buenos Aires apartments I stayed at also, places, and so on...
I definitely recommend the country!

nonoguate said...

I loved Argentina and want to go back someday to visit the South :)