February 9, 2010

The experience of driving in Ireland

During the three years I lived in Dublin, I rented a car every time I could get out of the city to explore the country. Hiring a car in Ireland in the best way to discover the beautiful landscapes.  Dublin car rental system is very good and professional. Booking the car at Dublin Airport is the easiest way as you can get it as soon as you’re arriving and the office is open every day from early morning to late evening.  Booking in advance is recommended especially during the summer holidays and to have the best deals.

The first time I drove on the left, it was scary. It’s like learning again to drive! Especially on their narrow winding roads. Not to mention, the rain, mist and fog, the sheep and cows in the middle of the roads as if they owned it.  But if you drive carefully, you should be fine. Finding your way around in the country can be sometimes quite challenging! Many country roads are not well marked and sometimes the road signs are broken or hidden by the vegetation. So be ready to do some extra kilometers and don’t hesitate to stop and ask local people the right way. Irish people are very friendly and love chatting! You will discover some unspoiled spots usually not marked on the map that will make your trip unforgettable. So what are you waiting for?

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