February 26, 2010

My failing attent to leave Guatemala and why Spirit Airlines sucks

After saying goodbye to all my friends in Xela and Guatemala, I was ready yesterday to leave this beautiful country where I lived for more than three years. Sad to leave off course, but excited about the new adventures waiting for me around the corner.

After a very short night, I took the 4:30 am Alamo bus to go to Guatemala City. Bye Bye Xela I'll see you soon! I was at the airport by 8:30 am, so early to catch my 2:30 pm flight to LA via Fort Lauderale. So i had time to have breakfast and read. Then I make my move to the Spirit Airline register desk and started waiting. First it all went smoothy but suddenly it turned into a chaos! They asked people going only to Fort Lauderale with no connection flight to come foward to register. So after asking around and listening conversations I understood the flight was delayed so I would not be able to take my connection flight to LA. They started saying that we could go to FL, stay there for the night and flight the next day to our final destination. They will be paying for accomodation and food. But suddenly they told us there were no accomodation available in FL so we had to change the flight to the Sunday. WHAT!!!! No way!! I was at the airport, ready to leave and didn't want to lose 3 days of holidays in LA. So I decided to stick around and see. But finally at 3 pm I gave up and changed my flight to Sunday. I was tired and hungry after beeing in the airport for 8 hours! So i called Ana Maria and arranged to go to her house for the night.

Finally I decided not to wait until Sunday and I bought a new flight with Taca tonight, flying directly to LA. I lost $280 but that will teach me a lesson... do never fly with Spirit Airlines! It's the second time I'm flying with them and second time I have a problem. Last time they changed the date but sent me a mail before.

So hopefully tonight I'll be in Los Angeles and ready to discover California! Goodbye Guatemala, Good evening California!


Miss Trudy said...

Oh Spirit Airlines suck! I have had to fly in very dirty SPirit planes and after that, never again. So, you are gone from Guate for good?

nonoguate said...

I'm gone from Guatemala for a while... never know when I'll be back ;)