July 5, 2010

Visit the Irish pubs, an unforgettable experience

When you think about Ireland you think about the pubs and the Guinness. Their reputation as beer drinker is known all round the world. With a consummation of 138.3 Liter of beer every year, Ireland arrives second after Germany in the top beer drinking countries. Not surprising when you see a pub at every corner in every city.

When traveling with your car rental Ireland , you’ll enjoy the experience of sitting in a pub after a long day driving around. Each pub is unique. The decoration, the music and even the customers are different depend of the city and the location. If you go to Temple bar in Dublin you’ll meet mostly tourists but if you want to meet local you better go a bit out of the city center. My most interesting experience was in a small village in the north of Mayo. We stopped for a night away from the tourist path and decided to go for a Guinness. The pub was full of locals surprised to see us here but eager to invite us for drinks. What a great night!

The famous Irish beer is the Guinness made in Dublin. It is very dark beer and has a "toast" or coffee-like taste. Other Irish beers are Smithwick, an Irish red ale style beer from Kilkenny and Beamish stout, Dense, malty, dark and chocolaty, between others.

Some pubs not to miss in Dublin:
• The Brazen Head (http://www.brazenhead.com/) : Dublin's oldest pub have started pouring the good stuff in 1198. Located at 20 Bridge Street (Lower) it is opposite the Four Courts and a good walk (or short bus ride) away from the city center. Recommended for nostalgic decor and a good pint. Bold Robert Emmet had lodgings here and is said to still visit occasionally ... despite being executed in 1803.
• The Auld Dubliner: Situated in the middle of the busy Temple Bar District this pub is known for its bright mural (including a Jack Russell Terrier relieving himself), folk music and crowds. You will never get bored here, but you'll not hear the music at peak times.
• The Hole in the Wall: Right next to the Phoenix Park in Blackhorse Avenue (Dublin 7), this is Ireland's longest pub, created by combining several old houses. Usually full with a local crowd and people "in the know" travelling some distance to enjoy around 100 yards of bar.

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