July 26, 2010

Visit London on a budget

Everybody has heard that London is expensive. Yes it is but traveling to London on a budget is possible too. Just follow the guide!

1. Get an Oyster Card!
London is big and you’ll certainly take often the tubes and buses to get from a place to another place to see as much as you can. Buy an Oyster card, an electronic travel card which gives you big discount on your tickets. For example, a one-way journey in Zone 1 costs £1.80 on an Oyster card, and £4 with a normal ticket! Choose the pay-as-you-go version. After paying the initial £3 deposit, you can top up the card by any amount (you can even do so online).


2. Visit the free museums
Many of the museums in London are free so if you like art and history, plan a visit!
British Museum Great Russell Street, WC1 Underground: Russell Square or Tottenham Court Road. This is the first museum visited in London and it’s huge.You might want to plan a full day for the visit.
Museum of London London Wall, EC2Y 5HN Underground: Barbican
This fascinating museum tells the story of London from 1666 to the present day through a variety of exhibits.
Natural History Museum Cromwell Road SW7 Underground: South Kensington
Opened in 1881 to display the British Museum's natural history collection, the highlights are the Creepy-Crawly, Human Biology, Ecology and Earth galleries.
• Science Museum Exhibition Road SW7 Underground: South Kensington
This museum is full of science and technology exhibits, of the past, present and future. It's plenty of fun for kids and adults too.


3. Watch a film or listen music for free
Every Tuesdqy, purchase a copy of the weekly entertainment listings magazine Time Out. In each of their sections - Art, Comedy, Film, Music, Nightlife and others - they specify which events are free.

4. Book in advance your hotel
You can find cheap hotels in London city centre but plan your trip ahead and have a look around on the internet. The wide range of accomodation in London gives you a large choice.

5. Take a low-cost airline to London
If you’re coming from Europe, Ryanair and Easyjet have flight from all other Europe to London. Book in advance to get really cheap tickets! If you’re coming from another country, look at the website whichbudget which tracks budget airlines to/from London.

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