November 28, 2010

Traveling with a baby

Yesterday my son turned 3 month old and we have traveled a long way since he was born. France, Belgium, the United States and Guatemala! We traveled by car, train, plane, bus and pick up. As a backpacker I was used to travel with as little luggage as I could but with a baby things change! But I’m learning to be a traveler mum and be very practical. Here are some advices.

1. Know the place where you’re going
If you’re going to a hotel, ask if they have a laundry service so you don’t need to bring too much change. If you’re going to a friend’s house and they have kids, they probably still have some baby clothes you can borrow or do laundry.

2. Travel light
Well it’s hard to travel really light with a baby as you need to bring the minimum. But I’m trying to be the most practical I can. I only bring the number of diapers I need for the travel and buy a pack where I’m staying. Same for the milk! I bring 2 bags, one diaper handbag and one small suitcase.

3. Get organized
Be organized so during the trip you’ll know where the things you need are. I bring a diaper handbag where I put: diapers, a small pack of clean baby wipes, a tissue to put him/her on while changing diapers, changing clothes, a pullover, a hat, a bottle, sippy cups with formula, a small bottle of water, a small thermos, some plastic bag for dirty diapers or wet clothes, a cloth diaper to clean spit up/ protect your child of the sun/dust.

4. Must have
Don’t forget some medication in case of a fever or pain and a thermometer. I always bring cream in case of irritation, salt water to clean his nose and nail clippers. I found useful to bring a baby blanket, especially if it’s cold or if I’m going to a hotel.

5. Carrying your child
I have opted for a wrap sling or kangaroo scarf in cotton. It took me a few days to understand how to wrap my son but once you get it, it’s really nice. Your hands are free and your baby is sleeping happily on your belly and is warm enough. You can use it too at home when your child is crying a lot or doesn’t want to sleep.

6. Don’t be too stressed
The first time I traveled with my son, I was on my own and I was stressed.  How was I going to manage to carry the luggage and my son? But soon I discovered that when you have a kid, there are always people to help you. Actually traveling with a kid make people talk to you!

the kangaroo scarf
Logan loves it!

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Lucy Brown said...

Claire, this is a great post (even though I don't have a baby!). You sound very organized!