January 24, 2011

Guatemalan culture: the tradition of the convites

From the first weekend of December till the last weekend of January, Convites are taking place in the villages around Antigua. Disguised people are inviding the streets of the towns and dance all afternoon to the sound of merengue and Mexican music coming from a big truck. After a few songs, they all move to the next stop, while people follow them on foot. The tradition started during the Spanish Conquest to make fun of the locals, and slowly changed to a big fiesta for everybody to have fun. The weirdest tradition is men who dress up like women. The participants stop along the way in the cantinas to have a beer and finish the afternoon quite drunk. 

In the next photos, men dressed up like women...

 On the left, Miguel a friend of mine in woman clothes
 Sexy :)

 Men (sorry women..) drinking the national beer Gallo.

Others nice outfits

 families are participating


 even a foreigner!

the famous Guatemalan tortillas! 

Some won't remember the end of the day...

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