April 1, 2011

The Lent in Guatemala, the secrets of the carpets making

During the lent and Semana Santa, people make beautiful colorful sawdust carpets on the road where will pass the processions. Where does this tradition come from, this is subject to discussion but what is sure is that these carpets are unique in the world.

The carpets are real masterpieces of Art and it takes months for the families to plan out their carpets. Each one is unique and has its own signature. Carpets are built on the street just in front of their house and families and friends work together in a group effort. It became too a kind of competition to do the most beautiful carpet.

Sawdust is pigmented days before and the night before the procession, neighbors start making the carpets and usually work on it all night long to be ready on time. Size and complexity of the carpets differ, as well as materials used. Most of them use sawdust but others add fruits & vegetables, plants, decorations, or anything that comes to their mind. All is about details.

As the procession approaches, the final touches are placed on the carpets. In a few seconds, all the hard work is destroyed with the float bearers walking on it.

Following the procession is a team of street cleaners and within a few seconds the sawdust has been shoveled and swept, cleaned away.
 A carpet of vegetables

 Like the butterflies who fly to a destination to survive, humans should work together to end finally this war

 the road to the Volcano

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