June 27, 2011

Destination of the month: Cambodia

There are a few countries I have been but I have never wrote about it so every month I’m going to write a few posts about my travel adventures and put a few pictures about a special country.

This month, I’m starting with Cambodia that I visited in February 2004. A friend of mine is from Cambodia and they flee the country when she was 5. Her dad decided to organize a trip to Cambodia for the friends who helped them when they arrived in France, including my parents. For my friend it was the first time she was going back to Cambodia so it was a very special trip. She asked me to join them so she wouldn’t be the only youth of the group.

We were 11 to travel. It was the first time I was traveling with a group and I only accepted because it was a special occasion. The first part of my trip was not about backpacking and adventures, but more about culture and people.

Our first stop was Phnom Penh, the capital, where we were welcomed by Net’s family.

What strikes you first in Phnom Penh is the traffic. All kind of means of transport are sharing the same streets, from motorbike to cows. You wonder how they arrive all to cohabitate without too many accidents. We quickly understood that the only way not to have an accident is to bump your horn to tell people you’re coming! So all day long you can hear the concert of horns.

After letting our bags at the hotel, we decided to go to explore a bit the neighborhood to find a restaurant.  As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, tuc tuc drivers jumped on us. But we wanted to walk; we quickly understood why they were insisting. Be a pedestrian in Phnom Penh is really dangerous, just to cross the street without being hit is a miracle. We learnt our first lesson!

More about Phnom Penh in my next post.

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